*Important Notice*

I am no longer a member of FM Studios in Oakland

Friends. It seems as if my time at FM Studios in Oakland is coming to an end.

 I have been fortunate to have my work and studio space at FM (right in  the heart of Oaklands famed First Fridays/Art Murmur) for over eight  years now. During that time over 100,000 people have come through our  studio doors, enthusiastically viewing my work and making me feel like  an important part of the Bay Area arts making community. I have also  been fortunate to share space with some of the most  talented artist in the Bay Area. That space helped shape my de Young  Monsters and Robots project, as well as my Melvin the Sad...(ish) Robot  book series. But as with all things, politics, personal issues, and  safety come into play, and this space is no longer safe for many of us  to continue to work in.

I am actively looking for another option in  the area so I can maintain my connection to the community and First  Fridays, but prices in Oakland have so drastically increased that it is  now difficult to find such a space. It’s the age old story of artist  moving into an affordable neighborhood and then being priced out as they  help evolve it. If anyone knows of anything, please feel free to reach  out to me?
 If I am unable to find a  studio, my work will be heading into storage. This is so sad to me, as  people who have been coming for years to see my work will no longer be  able to do so and see my progression as an artist, and I as an artist  will no longer have a direct connection to them as my inspiration.
*Update*: I was unable to find another studio space so I will be heading into storage until I can find a suitable space. My goal is to find a local storefront where I can show and sell my work, but also, for the first time in Oakland, teach classes to the community. Until then, stay connected, look for updates here, and more regularly on my instagram page @clayandwine.
Much love,

Making a Monster!

Check out this great video we made a few years back for my de Young Artist in Residency.

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